Saturday, 6 February 2010

Fish in a pond

Dear Duffy,
On half of my paper round I deliver to posh houses, the other half on a council estate.
Whenever I get to the flats at the council estate there are these twins that always try to steal newspapers from me. They are younger than me but could totally beat me up. I always try and stand my ground but there have been a few times they have got one.
They usually slap me or try and push me off my bike. Some times they talk to me and I think they’re being nice, then they’ll just turn and demand a paper.
I kind of feel sorry for them; they always look like they need a bath and some new clothes. I could probably take them on individually, I often think about punching one if I saw them on there own, but the problem is I have to go there everyday, and they have an older brother.
Today I went into the flats to deliver the papers and the twins followed me in. They didn’t say anything, instead they just forced me into the broom cupboard and locked the door.
I could hear them laughing for a few minutes then silence. About 30 minutes later they opened the door. Before my eyes could adjust to the light one of them put a net over my head (the kind a child would use to fish in a pond) while the other grabbed my paper satchel then they ran off.
I got out and my bike was gone.
I walked up to Mr. Patel’s newsagents and had to explain what had happened. He wasn’t happy.
On my walk home I found my bike in a bush. That was lucky.

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