Monday, 1 February 2010

Widows peak

Dear Duffy,
There is this kid in the year below me in school, he did the most disturbing thing yesterday.
He has fangs and a widows peak, and totally resembles what I'd consider the devil to look like. Apparently one night he spent the night down by the train tracks at the bottom of the playing field. He caught a wild rabbit and ate it raw. He considered himself a satanist and seemed to have no friends.
Yesterday morning before school started he told everyone that he was going to hang himself down by the train tracks.
A large group of guys were gathered round to watch him do it. Most of them are in the year below me, so I didn't really know them.
He had a noose set up hanging from a tree over a steep slope. The fact that it looked like he was actually going to go through with it was disturbing enough, but all the people watching were egging him on chanting "hang yourself! hang yourslef!" repeatedly.
He actually put the noose round his head when a teacher came and stopped it.
If he had gone through with it there would have been no way to save him after he had jumped, the slope would have been too steep to grab him.
I am so glad the word had gotten around enough that a teacher came to check it out and put an end to it.
The rest of the day I just felt grim. I couldn't believe that everyone just stood around laughing at the situation. I guess they didn't believe that he would do it.
My parents are currently on holiday. My auntie is looking after us. I've never wanted my mother so much in my life.

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