Sunday, 7 February 2010

No nostrils

Dear Duffy,
Today Stephen Dunbavin from my class tried to convince Geri and I that his brace tasted of strawberries. My brother has one I knew his didn’t taste of strawberries, but Stephen was very convincing. He offered us a lick of his brace.
Now Stephen is as odd boy. He has a cleft palate, a squashed nose and speaks like he has no nostrils. Besides that he is the grubby kid in the class. But still we couldn’t resist.
Geri and I had a lick. Bloody Jane Humphreys shrieked when she saw this and told Mrs. Gleave.
Mrs. Gleave gave us a good telling off and Stephen Dunbavin got away scott free.
It didn’t taste of strawberries.


  1. I don't endorse the sun but its the only link i could find...